Same Day Delivery

Express Courier Service

We realise that not everything goes to plan. To enable delivery or collection of your important package or document to your customer on time, we have developed a same day service that will provide a non-stop direct delivery/collection to your customers door as requested.

Read this example of our Same Day Delivery Service 

Same Day Delivery Service


Call received


A client’s computer needed to be repaired. However, the only place available for repair was in Dublin. Cunninghams of Westport collected the faulty computer from the customer’s Mayo home at 11.40am.


Computer was delivered for repair to Blanchardstown, Dublin at 3.30pm.


Cunninghams of Westport waited for the computer to be repaired and received it at 4.45pm.


We then delivered the computer to the happy customer in their home in Mayo at 8.35pm.

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